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7 Back-to-School Tips for College Rec Centers

Kids are back on campus, meeting roommates, decorating their dorm rooms, and starting classes. It’s time for recreation center directors to examine their facilities and make sure they have the equipment students and staff want. It’s critical to select the right, dependable workout machines, from a company that understands the college/university fitness environment, to both add value to your facility and protect your investment.

Fitness centers…an essential part of campus life

Working out helps provide a balance for the demands and stresses of today’s college experience. Students, staff and instructors depend on campus fitness centers to stay healthy, active, and at their physical and mental best. They expect nothing less than deluxe health club-quality equipment in on-campus facilities, for use by people of all ages and abilities.

College students live hectic lives—between classes, clubs, socializing, jobs, and sleep, it can be easy for them to put fitness on the back burner. Rather than let that happen, a well-equipped recreational center at your university helps promote, inspire and instill the values of a healthy lifestyle for students and staff.

7 tips for a great college facility

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How to Strengthen Your Apartment or Condo Community with On-site Fitness

There was a time when having an on-site fitness center gave your multi-family housing a distinct competitive advantage. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Today, most (if not all) of your competitors have fitness centers, and some might even be better than yours.

With healthy lifestyles and wellness concerns on the rise, Americans are more and more focused on finding a true “state-of-the-art” fitness facility right in their own building or community. The multihousing industry has been forced to raise the bar in terms of the fitness facilities they offer. If residents find value in the fitness offerings of their communities, they often will be willing to factor that into their monthly rent payments or condo fees.

If you manage or own a multi-family building or complex or are building or updating one, you have to focus on making your fitness facility one that residents and potential residents want, if you want to attract or keep tenants or buyers. Additionally, you serve a wide variety of residents—young and old, male and female, fit and not-so-fit. Each resident is unique and you have to meet those diverse needs, while keeping your budget and space constraints in mind.

Residents expect an up-to-date facility

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Attracting Employees to your Corporate Fitness Facility

In the 21st century, employees expect more from their job. Providing your company with a corporate fitness center is a much-appreciated perk that also helps keep your staff fit, healthy, and less stressed. Plus, this sort of corporate benefit attracts and keeps great employees, who are on the job and not home sick.

However, it’s overly optimistic to think that your company can simply build a fitness facility at work and employees will show up to use it. It doesn’t happen that way.

First of all you have a very limited total audience of just a few thousand or few hundred employees. Then, an even smaller percentage will become active users. So, you need enticements to get and keep people coming to work out.

You need a strategy

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