There was a time when having an on-site fitness center gave your multi-family housing a distinct competitive advantage. Unfortunately, those days are gone. Today, most (if not all) of your competitors have fitness centers, and some might even be better than yours.

With healthy lifestyles and wellness concerns on the rise, Americans are more and more focused on finding a true “state-of-the-art” fitness facility right in their own building or community. The multihousing industry has been forced to raise the bar in terms of the fitness facilities they offer. If residents find value in the fitness offerings of their communities, they often will be willing to factor that into their monthly rent payments or condo fees.

If you manage or own a multi-family building or complex or are building or updating one, you have to focus on making your fitness facility one that residents and potential residents want, if you want to attract or keep tenants or buyers. Additionally, you serve a wide variety of residents—young and old, male and female, fit and not-so-fit. Each resident is unique and you have to meet those diverse needs, while keeping your budget and space constraints in mind.

Residents expect an up-to-date facility

Your exercising residents expect on-site fitness centers to reflect current fitness trends that include a mix of cardio, strength and core exercise equipment. But that’s just the beginning.

Today’s multi-family health facility should be keeping up with wave of the fitness trends, bringing residents’ workout experiences to higher standards. Now the race is officially on to design and offer the biggest and best multifamily fitness centers around, with more trendy accessories, and newer and more versatile equipment.

Once upon a time, one or two good multi-exercise machines and mirrored wall were sufficient. Today many communities are now filling their fitness centers with health club-quality equipment and amenities. Existing fitness rooms are expanding to accommodate everything from new machines that look and feel like virtual-reality video games, to juice bars, multiple televisions, and wi-fi.

Viewing your fitness facility as a mere “value-added amenity” is short-sighted and simply doesn’t do the job any more.

Give your facility special attention

Today’s multi-family fitness center has more to offer, and deserves to be given special attention in your tours and presentations. A well equipped fitness center represents a significant investment—one that you should take pride in presenting as one of the major benefits of living in the community.

On-site apartment and condo fitness centers may come in all sizes and in many settings, but the one thing they all have in common is that they can be used as a powerful marketing tool. The key is to spotlight the features and benefits that make yours special.

When planning a new fitness center, adding to one, or simply revamping your leasing or sales strategy, focus on what will make your facility stand out from your competition. Your facility’s unique selling point may be a special piece of equipment or a treadmill with the latest monitoring technology. It could even be an intangible benefit, such as 24-hour access or a beautiful view of the pool or skyline.

6 tips to showcase your fitness facility

  • Add a dose of excitement
    Purchasing equipment is only the first step in designing your fitness center. Select visually appealing carpeting or flooring; install mirrors to open up the room; display attractive and instructional (or motivational) posters; decorating with plants. Add as many extras as possible to distinguish your center from the competition.
  • Talk like you know fitness
    In your brochures, ads, and presentations, make your words count! Use hot-button terms such as “state-of-the-art,” “user-friendly,” and “results-oriented.” Be specific about your equipment and its advantages.
  • Give future residents a test “drive”
    Offer a free visit to the fitness facility to try it out. Make your future resident want to keep coming back and want to live in your community.
  • Use the Net
    People go online to gather information before physically visiting a location. So, this may now be your first line of contact, and is the right place for information about your cutting edge fitness center…including pictures of your fitness center on your website (and remember to show happy, healthy people using the equipment in the photographs).
  • Go well beyond answering questions
    When someone asks specifically about your fitness center, this is an opportunity to close the deal. Instead of just answering “yes” when someone asks if you have a fitness center, sell your fitness center and its unique features.
  • Market smart
    Build value in your community by reminding residents of all the great healthy living amenities your community offers. Residents who make it part of their everyday routine to valuable, fitness-enhancing amenities are likelier to not only live healthier, happier lives, but are more likely to stay in your community.

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