With so many fitness options vying for the attention of your members, it’s high time to provide a traditional fitness center as part of your country club activity choices. Or if you already have a few treadmills or a bike, you should seriously look at adding to your offerings and updating your facility. Truth is that if you don’t give your members what they’re looking for, they could abandon your club and join another one. Certainly, losing their loyalty is NOT what you want!

These days, a country club fitness facility is no longer an option to add “sometime in the distant future.” It’s a necessity that must be included with country club membership. Members are looking for one-stop convenience to meet their golfing, entertainment, and workout needs. They’re looking specifically for the same health club quality equipment they know and love when joining or renewing their country club membership, and will base their decision on the fitness facility amenities available to them.

Give members a “luxury” gym experience
Your members are looking for much more than the simple convenience of a fitness center at your country club. They want it to match the deluxe experience they have had at a great fitness resort or world-class health club.

What they’re looking for is a wide variety of top-quality, state-of-the-art cardio, conditioning, and weight training equipment. They want more than average. They want a country club fitness center that allows for a full body workout. And they want sufficient, well maintained equipment with room to move around freely.

Plus, it’s critical to deliver Wi-Fi and TV to keep them motivated. They want to keep up with their favorite shows and watch sporting events while they work out. And, Wi-Fi allows them to use their smartphones at your facility.

Staying ahead means staying competitive
Your members are counting on you to deliver the best experience you possibly can. The top-rated country clubs (the ones with the best retention and renewal rates) are known for the wide variety of activities they provide for their members. This can include tennis, racquet ball, swimming, water aerobics, golf and so much more. The wider the selection the better the opportunity to entice current members to renew and potential members to join the country club and socialize in groups.

Adding a great fitness center as another amenity offered to your valued members and potential members will help your country club come out on the top of the competition. People will clearly see that your country club offers amenities that other don’t, and they will be more likely to join you and renew with you instead of turning to a competitor.

Give them what they need and want…all in one place
When members feel that they are not maintaining their physical fitness along with the other activities your club provides, they will be less likely to search for solutions elsewhere. That means your country club may also retain a member that may have otherwise given up their membership in order to join a traditional fitness center instead. Instead of having to purchase two memberships, all they need is one membership for the leisurely activities of a country club and the workout equipment of a health club.

With a fitness facility, members can become better conditioned. That can mean picking up a few more yards off the tee. Or maybe, they really want to dominate the match in the second set…or just feel all-around better. With the right fitness equipment they can develop a fitness regimen that best suits their needs, whether they want to use weights and resistance machines to build bulk or muscle stamina or improve cardio with ellipticals, treadmills and exercise bikes. And best of all, they will be able to get everything they want in one place at your country club.

You need a trusted and experienced partner like SOFITCO to help you design, up-date, and maintain your country club fitness facility. Talk to SOFITCO to find out how we can help design or update your country club fitness facility. And be sure to sign up now to get your free copy of 9 Ways to Select the Right Equipment for your Facility.