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Keeping your Country Club Members Loyal With a Fitness Facility

With so many fitness options vying for the attention of your members, it’s high time to provide a traditional fitness center as part of your country club activity choices. Or if you already have a few treadmills or a bike, you should seriously look at adding to your offerings and updating your facility. Truth is that if you don’t give your members what they’re looking for, they could abandon your club and join another one. Certainly, losing their loyalty is NOT what you want!

These days, a country club fitness facility is no longer an option to add “sometime in the distant future.” It’s a necessity that must be included with country club membership. Members are looking for one-stop convenience to meet their golfing, entertainment, and workout needs. They’re looking specifically for the same health club quality equipment they know and love when joining or renewing their country club membership, and will base their decision on the fitness facility amenities available to them.

Give members a “luxury” gym experience
Your members are looking for much more than the simple convenience of a fitness center at your country club. They want it to match the deluxe experience they have had at a great fitness resort or world-class health club. Continue reading