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Why Your Municipal Fitness Facility is Vital to Your Community

Your community’s fitness facility provides convenient, year-round fitness, health, and wellness opportunities for your constituents and neighbors at their local or regional park, recreation center, or other public facility. Your local citizens look to your facility for the best possible fitness solutions (and you look to stick to your municipality’s stringent budget parameters).

Also keep in mind that your local and regional park agencies have major, definitive economic impact, as well. Research from the National Recreation and Park Association’s Economic Impact Study conducted by the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University (GMU) in Virginia, “Shows that the nation’s local and regional parks are economic powerhouses in the U.S., creating nearly $140 billion in economic activity per year and supporting nearly 1 million jobs.”

For these reasons, your parks and your fitness facilities are significant parts of your community’s physical and financial health, well-being, and quality of life. The ongoing challenges most folks responsible for park fitness face are getting the community to realize the inherent connection between parks and wellness… and to keep people coming back to your center. Those connections will help keep funding coming in and people coming back to your facility.

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